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Looking for an Anxiety Counsellor in Fareham?

Looking for an Anxiety Counsellor in Fareham?

Based in Fareham, I provide counselling that aims to help and support you with your anxiety. There are no set requirements for my therapy, with each client receiving a unique experience that is suited to their specific needs.

Understanding the root of your anxiety and finding methods to combat this in the future is an important part of the counselling process. This method of talking therapy allows you to be open and honest with your emotions in a relaxed and safe environment. At Carol Steere Counselling, I have created a space where I trust you can speak freely about your feeling without the worry of judgement. 

Balancing Rocks

How does counselling help anxiety?

Counselling has proven to be a great way to deal with and combat anxiety. Talking therapy allows you to be completely open and honest about your emotions which can alone help relieve the symptoms of anxiety. Gaining an insight into what triggers your emotional responses, through the trust created in my sessions, can help enable a person to find the root of the anxiety and together we can then explore appropriate solutions to making your anxiety levels more manageable. 

Get support for anxiety through counselling!

Often people experience anxiety during specific times and situations. Being able to talk to somebody about this allows you to truly understand your anxiety, which is the first step back to wellbeing.

Symptoms of anxiety can be both physical and emotional. These are caused by the natural reaction our body has to the fight or flight response in specific situations. Left unchecked and allowed to get out of control these natural responses can seriously impact our physical and mental wellbeing.   Support from a counsellor can be a helpful step towards exploring the situations from which your anxiety stems and finding ways of managing it to more normal levels.

There are numerous tools to combat anxiety alongside counselling. These can help individuals ease and prevent anxiety in everyday situations, some include:

  • Breathing techniques

  • Exercise

  • Journaling

  • Yoga/mediation

  • Talking to friends and family

Get In Touch

Get in contact with me today if you have any questions or queries with regards to the anxiety counselling I provide.

Call: 07517050027 or, email:

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