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Looking for a Relationship/Couples Counsellor in Fareham?

Can Couples Counselling Really Help?

Finding the right counsellor for you is an important part of the counselling process. Talking therapy is based on trust and openness, if this is not present the results of your counselling will likely be less effective. I pride myself on the relationships I create with my clients and am truly passionate about helping my clients on their path to well-being.

Based in Fareham, my couples counselling sessions aim to help and support clients with their unique issues. In some instances, it may take just a few sessions to find appropriate solutions to problems couples may be experiencing. In other cases, a couple may feel they need more in-depth consistent support to help keep them on the right path.


Can Couples Counselling Really Help?

There is a lot of evidence to show that counselling can provide positive benefits to relationships. The Counselling room can allow people to talk more openly and honestly to one another with the support of a counsellor present.  Such an environment can allow individuals to acknowledge their feelings and allows the potential to consider whether miscommunication is impacting their relationship and explore ways that may allow them to communicate more positively and effectively.

Get In Touch

I am always happy to help with any questions or queries you may have with regards to my couples counselling. I understand the trust needed to be honest and open and will be happy to discuss any hesitations you may have.

Call: 07517050027 or, email:

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